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Greetings Friends!

It’s been a very exciting last six months for us over at The Saloon. It’s been great getting to know all of you, serving you delicious cocktails, and putting together fun events. For those of you who aren’t aware, I took ownership of the bar October 1st, 2018, which is why you probably noticed a few changes in the recent months. As an avid vintage collector, I put my heart and soul into creating this bar and I have been rewarded with fantastic feedback from many of you.

I wanted my bar to be the kind of place that is welcoming to everyone, serving amazing craft cocktails, and not taking itself too seriously. I wanted there to be an irreverent attitude poking fun at the establishment, have an element of badass feminist energy, but also be the kind of place that feels cozy, romantic, and comfortable.


While a lot of bars often take on a more masculine energy, I wanted this cocktail bar to hold an equally feminine vibe. A space that is a throwback to another time, but with a modern twist. That’s why the name “The Saloon” just hasn’t felt quite right. Sure, it exemplifies what it means to be a classic bar, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but I wanted something that was a little more us. So after thoughtful consideration, I settled on The Velvet Elk, a tribute to one of the original vintage black velvet paintings hanging in the bar.


On June 1st, 2019 the name was officially changed to The Velvet Elk. We like it. It’s sultry and lush, like the many black velvet paintings adorning the walls of the bar. We hope you like it, too. Let us know what you think next time you stop by.

Take Care,

Kim Beecroft - Owner

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